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Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras ParadeSydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras was not really much of a party in its initial beginnings in 1978 and 79 as the first march ended in the arrest of 53 people. But today The Mardi Gras attracts over half a million people world wide with huge media coverage and is one of the biggest celebrations in Australia; it has also been named by Planet Out as the best gay event in the world.

It is a celebration of Gay pride and a chance for people from all walks of life locally and globally to come together and celebrate every person's right in the community to feel safe and respected without judgement.

The parade has over 100 floats with marching boys and girls and the famous dykes on Bikes who kick start the parade as well as local businesses, parents and friends of gay and lesbians, the transgender community and well let's just say one mighty colourful fruit salad of absolute fun!

The parade can be viewed from the street or any of the many bars along oxford and Flinders Street but one of the best seats you can buy is at The Bobbie Goldsmith Stand, you can find out more details on the Mardi Gras website.

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Mardi Gras After PartyMardi Gras After Party

Well if you want one of the biggest parties thrown in Sydney the after party for the Mardi Gras Parade is definitely not to be missed. Thousands come to party at Moore Park with local and international DJ's and live performances, some of these over the years have included Boy George, Kylie Minogue, Thelma Houston, Chaka Khan and the Village People. This party goes till dawn and there are many recovery parties you can stumble to after that!

The Harbour PartyThe Harbour Party

The harbour party is usually held on the Sunday preceding the Mardi Gras Parade and Party and is located outdoors overlooking Sydney Harbour at Lady Macquarie's Chair - Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens. You can enjoy local and international DJ’s while taking in some of the best views that Sydney has to offer, watching the sun go down over the silhouetted Sydney Opera, Sydney Harbour Bridge and beautiful harbour city skyline.

Fag TagFag Tag

They arrange parties every few months in both Sydney and Melbourne and usually in a different location with different DJs. From The Sydney Opera Bar to club venues in and around Sydney Fag Tag is a friendly and fun night for anyone.

Sleaze BallSleaze Ball

If Sleaze ball and Mardi Gras are to be compared then Mardi Gras is the good girl and Sleaze Ball is definitely lives up to its name as the very very naughty boy! Sleaze Ball is held annually in October, with DJ's and great performances this is one hell of a party! Once again the event is followed up with many recovery parties.

Toy BoxToy Box

Toy Box is an annual recovery Party held the day after The Mardi Gras Party and god knows some need a recovery from the Mardi Gras. Held on Sydney Harbour at the famous Luna Park the party is not only a great day it also one of Sydney's most colourful fundraising events for the Sydney Westmead Children's Hospital. Event organisers encourage people to bring a toy along to donate to the hospital, the event has seen hundreds of toys being donated to kids who need a bit of cheering up.

Club KookyClub Kooky

Club Kooky is an institution in the alternative Gay scene in Sydney. With DJ's Gemma and Seymour Butz and a variety of special guests performances, Club Kooky is a breath of fresh air for anyone who likes there music left of centre. Club Kooky nights happen at various venues over Sydney.

Diva AwardsDiva Awards

The annual DIVA Awards night held in August and is the one night of the year where Sydney’s Drag Entertainers and Performers are recognised and celebrated for there artistic achievements. It is a colourful and thoroughly entertaining night where you can see some of Sydney’s best Drag King and Queen performers strut there stuff giving good old Dianna Ross a run for her money!

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